Why am I blogging about ADHD & Eating?

My kindergarten son was placed on medication for ADHD at the end of 2010. Within a few weeks, no matter how hard I tried to feed him, the loss of appetite (during ~9am - 3pm) has caused him to continue to lose weight. I've had to change my entire approach to grocery shopping, cooking & preparing foods. While still trying to keep foods incredibly healthy for him, I am learning to change my approach to:
  • Finding ways to cook delicious food (that a 5 year old will eat) that
  1. Are calorie & nutrient dense
  2. Full of good fats
  3. Taste fantastic
  4. Will fatten him up!
This blog is both an attempt to document foods I've created that meet all 4 criteria above (so I can remember what I've done!) as well as to share with others that may for various reasons need to get their kids to eat. Oh, and to have fun while doing it! And, yes, I really enjoy this!


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